Ylem Invest

Dedicated to identifying and supporting visionary startups akin to the concept of 'Ylem,' the primal source of creation.
Committed to investing and providing resources for their exponential growth and transformative impact.

Investment in disruptive tech for making a better world

Chief Executive
Francis W. Han

"Ylem Invest backs innovative companies with disruptive technologies, providing comprehensive support for success.
We use industry insights and networks to enhance competitiveness and value, beyond financial investments.
Our portfolio spans AI, blockchain, gaming, and more, even reaching into sustainable fintech, energy, and recycling.
Our commitment is unwavering as we guide partners through growth."

Venture Team


Ashley Kim

Strong self-motivated Associate


Jin Han

Thorough and smart analyst

PE Team

SJ Park

Financial market guru

SH Cho

Experienced Investment director

Disruptive technology
leading investor

"We pride ourselves on being pioneering investors who proactively discover
and strategically invest in revolutionary technologies that have the power
to disrupt and reshape the global landscape, propelling significant transformations
across various industries."


Creating smart computers to mimic human tasks like learning, problem-solving, and decision-making.


Creating a digital universe for interactive virtual experiences, blending real and virtual life.

Renewable energy

Exploring businesses in sustainable power generation from sources such as sunlight, wind, and water.


Securing digital ledger for recording transactions, widely used in cryptocurrencies.


Tech upgrading finance: mobile payments, online lending, and investing.


Reusing used materials to make new products, reducing waste and conserving resources.


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